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Cleans. Freshens. Brightens.

Maintain the beauty of your fine fabrics with our unique All Natural Upholstery Cleaning Mist. By protecting your soft surfaces from dust, dirt, and allergens this everyday mist keeps your upholstery looking newer, longer.

For best results use our Upholstery Cleaning Super Sponge to expose even the most unseen dust and dirt from your fine fabrics.

Cleaning your delicate fabrics has never been so satisfying!

All Natural Upholstery Cleaning Mist

  • 240mL


    Perfect for cleaning all soft furnishings:
    sofas, chairs, pillows, footstools, headboards, tapestries, wall-hangings, draperies, upholstered walls, lamp shades, all delicate antique needlework and textiles, pet bedding, mattresses, car and boat interior.

    Custom blended natural ingredients:
    Purified water, lactic acid derived from natural sources, plant-based enzymes and surfactants.

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