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At Victoria & Co. we specialize in cleaning your fine fabrics and are dedicated to addressing the problems other products can’t.

Our all-natural, colour safe Fabric & Upholstery Spot Remover fights the toughest stains without using toxic chemicals to do the dirty work.

This carefully designed formula safely and effectively removes difficult stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice, pet stains, grass stains, grease, oil, and ground dirt without harming your delicate fabrics.

For optimal results use in conjunction with our All Natural Upholstery Cleaning Mist
to eliminate excess residue and to blend the fabric to prevent water marks. With this winning combination tackling stains has never been so easy!

Fabric & Upholstery Spot Remover

  • 240mL


    For best results, treat stains immediately.

    Custom blended natural ingredients:
    Purified water, cosmetic grade hydrogen peroxide, plant-based enzymes & surfactants.

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