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Our Upholstery Cleaning Super Sponge is unlike any other. This unique sponge is specially designed for cleaning soft furnishings, the results will amaze you!

This super absorbent, premium quality sponge holds 10 times its weight in liquid instantly soaking up spills such as tea, coffee, wine, or juice.

When used with our All Natural Upholstery Cleaning Mist, this Super Sponge will expose even the most unseen dust and dirt from your fine fabrics without leaving streaks or lint or crumbling like other sponges.

The safe and non-toxic design maintains shape over time and has a longer life than regular sponges made from cellulose or synthetic materials.

And unlike other “cleaning” sponges out there, our Upholstery Cleaning Super Sponge is free of any chemicals or dyes and is biodegradable.

Upholstery Cleaning Super Sponge

  • Perfect for cleaning all soft furnishings:
    sofas, chairs, foot stools, pillows, headboards, tapestries, wall-hangings, draperies, upholstered walls, lamp shades, all delicate antique needlework and textiles, pet bedding, mattresses, car and boat interior.

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